“Due to hormonal imbalance and erratic flooding following my Peri menopausal stage in life, I experienced months of heavy bleeding and pain. I was in a dark place and my periods began to affect my personal and work life. I finally sought help through Mizan Therapy after refusing to resort to HRT, which was being offered to me time and time again. I was a little apprehensive, frightened of the unknown and a little sceptical before my first treatment. I had a total of 3 treatments and I cannot thank Bushra enough for persevering with me and helping me heal my body. As part of the therapy she also taught me how to self-massage, accept myself and let go of things subconsciously still affecting me, as well as making the dietary changes to fully benefit from the therapy. I am so grateful to Bushra for helping me live my life again. I am asymptomatic and have not had any pain or bleeding since my treatment. Mizan therapy has certainly changed my life and I am eternally grateful to Bushra for providing the treatment with such empathy and care that she did.” – SM

“I came across Mizan Therapy via my physiotherapist whom I was seeing for post-natal support. My physio described Mizan therapy as ‘life-changing’ which I thought was a pretty big claim to make. But as she is a highly competent professional and sensible woman, I decided to take her advice. I didn’t know what to expect and was slightly baffled by the lengthy and rather intimate questionnaire. However, once the actual treatment started it all began to make sense. The massage and pressure techniques used  are fantastic and have been beautifully put together from a wide range of therapies used across the world to support and nurture the female body. Although I found some of the pressure points intensely uncomfortable, my body knew that this was a necessary release.
I followed my therapist’s after-care programme and within a few weeks found that I had no PMT, very reduced period pain and more sensation through my belly which had been left completely numb by a c-section. As I had started making some other changes following my first treatment, I wondered whether it was really the Mizan work that was bringing about these improvements. During a month away and increased work commitments I stopped the self-care routine and the crippling period and lower-back pain, mood swings and general restlessness returned which made me realise what an incredibly powerful and healing tool Mizan provides. I am hugely grateful to my therapist and Mizan founder Bushra Finch for her sensitivity, empathy and incredible knowledge of the female body. Mizan is a reflection of our innate ability and need to support and heal each other as women, something that is commonplace in cultures across the globe but that our male-driven Western society often undermines. Thank you, Bushra.” – MM

“I just wanted to say thank you so so much for the work you do, and the gifts you share with the world.I always feel so much lighter after seeing you, and I remembered my dreams for the first time in ages after the treatment.I value what you do so blooming much. You are a total gem.” – CO

“I wrote this as my letter of gratitude to Bushra;

Thank you for the work that you do. It has made a colossal difference to me. I came not knowing what I needed but knowing that something wasn’t right. You held me in that space and I am so very grateful. I have learned so much about myself, how to tune into myself, how to love and honour myself.
I came to you with my body, my pelvis, my centre, out of balance, my mind confused and depressed. My left side contracted storing all my sadness and pain, my womb misaligned.
The power of touch has allowed me to relax into my feelings, my body, my heart-wombspace connection and find my soul.
The knowledge that I needed to do further work and 12 months later my womb is finally centred, she and I will be eternally grateful for you.” – AK

“I just wanted to thank you for the time, care, patience and consideration you showed me” – SM

I first sought Bushra’s help following a miscarriage in September 2015 and here I am, thirteen months later, with my eight week old son. I have absolutely no doubt that Mizan Therapy helped me along my journey to motherhood. Bushra provided invaluable support and advice alongside the massages and was able to help with correcting some physical (and probably emotional) issues which I believe were affecting my reproductive system. I continued to seek treatments from week sixteen of pregnancy and look forward to returning to Bushra for a postnatal “MOT” next month!” – EM

I visited Bushra in October 2015 as I was desperate to get pregnant after being married for almost 3 years. I was going for IVF in November but found that I didn’t have to due to falling pregnant naturally Alhamdulillah. At my first consultation Bushra told me my pelvis and womb was tilted and I strongly believe this was preventing me from getting pregnant.

I fell pregnant within a month of visiting and have recommended you to numerous members of my family and friends. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in August this year.

Thank you so much for everything” – SA

“Moontime Tea. I was suffering from cramping pain a few days before my period was due. I drank the tea. I was not expecting it to work, as i thought the effect would build up after several teas. A few hours later I realised I had no cramping pain. I was amazed at how quickly the Moontime tea took effect. I actually felt normal! Tastes pleasant, and will not hesitate in brewing the concoction of herbs in future cycles.” NA

“I went to see Bushra for Mizan Therapy a few months before starting IVF. I wanted to make sure my womb and abdominal area where in tiptop shape.
I had no idea there was so much more to it than “just” alignment.
I’m so glad I did it. I’m a life long fan now.
I found it great before the pregnancy, during and post birth.
Bushra taught me how to do self-care, as well as the benefits of steaming and castor oil packs.
I loved Bushra’s kind, loving manner so much that I asked her to be my Doula for the birth.
I recommend not only Mizan itself, but really do recommend Bushra as a nurturing influence for healing, and for your fertility journey.
I can’t thank her enough.” JK

“I just wanted to get in touch and let you know that we have now had our first treatment (IUI) and unbelievably it worked :-). I’m now 12 weeks pregnant and all is going well. During the time you treated me I felt supported and like somebody actually listened and understood, and this attention is worth gold when dealing with infertility. I gained lots of knowledge and being informed about general well-being and how everything is connected in our bodies (and minds) helped me to understand better what I could do to help myself. I also found the information about self care, herbs and supplements invaluable. I would recommend your services to anybody and wish you all the best”. – HM

“I believe I have been very lucky that I conceived quickly with 3 pregnancies. With no.4, we had been hoping for a baby for a few months but menstruation came every time. I went to see Bushra for Mizan Therapy and just over 2 weeks later I had a positive pregnancy test. I am now 17 weeks pregnant and so grateful. I feel my womb had her cobwebs dusted with the treatment. Thanks Bushra.” – Grateful mum

“My twins were born naturally and without intervention after a four hour labour. They were both head down, perfectly positioned and were born seven minutes apart. They were a good size, too, over 15lbs together. It really healed the trauma of my previous births. I’m certain I had such an easy time because of Mizan Pregnancy Massage, both the treatments you gave me and the self care routine you taught me to do myself.” – K, mother of twins