I have been working in women’s health since 2000 and have a passion for all things womby!

I am currently living in Marrakech, Morocco where I am soon to be seeing a limited number of clients, although after many years of giving physical treatments, I am now focusing on long term healing plans for women who want one on one support. This will enable you to fundamentally address your health issues, transform your life and find true healing.

Don’t think that working with me online is not going to resolve your problems. I will still be offering you the same resources that you’d normally receive and I’ll teach you a self massage routine. It will however give us the opportunity to work deeply and be more creative at finding solutions that work for you.

I am also offering online workshops, each highlighting an issue of women’s health. These can be found on the Mizan Therapy website.

I initially trained with Rosita Arvigo in The Arvigo Techniques Maya Abdominal Massage, then did further study in other traditional methods of healing and went on to develop Mizan Therapy, a fusion of traditional techniques.

I have also trained in TIBB medicine with Hakim Salim Khan and have used this knowledge to help develop the Mizan Botanicals range that support Mizan therapy so well.