Womb Wellness: A choice of programmes depending on your needs

This is a fantastic opportunity to work exclusively with Bushra.

Womb Wellness Six Month Programme is designed for those who would like to receive treatments as well as online information and guidance. You will receive six treatments and twelve online sessions, personalised to your health needs, to receive in-depth advice to guide to you better womb health. Included are all the Mizan Botanicals I will recommend, as well as a copy of my book, Hormone Handbook for Women.

Womb Wellness Self Help Programme is for you if you do not need treatments but want to benefit from Bushra’s experience. Perhaps you are already working with another practitioner, or you may be too far away geographically. Sessions are online, and each will be personalised to help you deal with your individual menstrual challenges.

Either programme is an investment in yourself, and can literally transform your life.

Six month Womb Wellness
Self help Womb Wellness



Your periods do not have to control your life. Pain-free cycles and hormonal balance is possible without surgery or medications. With support you can take back your life gently and naturally.

By the end of either programme you will be able to know and understand your cycle so that you can plan your life around it, understand your energy levels throughout your cycle – using your cycle to your advantage. You’ll know when to plan those important events, when you have the energy to take on the world, and when you need to take things easy.

You will become the expert in your own health and wellbeing, no longer having to put up with physical pain, mood swings or menstrual problems.