Kim is currently on maternity leave. We wish her all the best on her new journey.

My name is Kim van den Putte and my nationality is Belgian/Dutch. I moved to the UK, Leeds, to live with my partner. In Belgium I trained as a beauty and massage therapist and worked in sauna centres and beauty institutes. I noticed that people want to talk and that there is more than the beauty side of someone. I went back to school and got trained as a nurse and mental health nurse. I really loved that job. I still believe that talking can help in so many ways. I also believe that your body can heal itself, it is all within you, we all just need a little help sometimes.

Reconnecting with my womb was part of my own journey. That journey led me to Bushra Finch and Mizan therapy and that felt as the right next step for me. I can combine all my previous work experience with my own knowledge and that toolbox feels more complete now. Being a Mizan practitioner has equipped me with the skills and mindset to help women reconnect with themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am excited to be part of Mizan therapy practitioners’ family knowing how important this work is and that every woman needs Mizan in her life.