Sacred Wrapping is a healing ceremony. It is traditionally used as part of nurturing the mother after birthing her baby, to end the journey of pregnancy as her life as a mother begins. The premise of closing one part of life means it can be a good transition for any major life events such as a miscarriage, a relationship breakdown, death of a loved one, menopause and recovery from illness.

Most healing traditions have a ceremony for wrapping the new mother. Many people have heard of the Ecuadorian ceremony Closing the Bones, but a similar practice is common in Morocco, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan….there are many ways of wrapping the mother as part of the nurturing she needs post birth.

During pregnancy and birth, a woman’s body is opened, both physically and spiritually. Her ribs and hips are widened by the growing baby, during birth her body and spirit has been stretched to the limits. Pregnancy and birth can be an intensely vulnerable time for women. Sacred Wrapping helps to bring closure and allow the mother to integrate her passage into mothering this baby, to bring her back to herself and her new way of being.

Sacred Wrapping will be tailored to individual needs of each woman; each experience of pregnancy and birth is different, so it’s essential that the ceremony is flexible to enable each woman to receive the healing and nurturing that she needs. 

Typically there is abdominal massage followed by a total wrapping from head to toe ; you will remain this way until you are ready to be released. It can be a profound experience – almost like a rebirth.

Sacred Wrapping can be performed by one practitioner working alone or by two. Some women choose to have a group of friends participating, perhaps those who were at the blessingway. Sacred wrapping can be in the clinic but you may feel more relaxed in your own home. Beforehand you can decide what you would like to include as part of the ritual, for example, you may want candles, crystals, music, silence, prayer, poems, incense, drumming; whatever you want to assist you on your journey.

The fee will depend on your requirements, but typically ranges from £250 to £350, which will include a gift of one of the rebozos used as part of the ceremony. Please email for more information.