Womb Wellness Self Help





Womb Wellness Self Help is personalised to your needs to enable you to improve your reproductive health.

  • Periods should not hurt
  • PMS is not an inevitable part of your life
  • Irregular periods can become regular
  • Heavy bleeding can be reduced
  • PCOS is resolvable
  • So is endometriosis
  • And adenomyosis
  • Premature ovary failure is not a life sentence
  • Fibroids may be shrunk
  • Fertility can be enhanced
  • Menopause does not have to mean hormonal hell
  • A prolapse can be reversed

What will I offer?

  • The benefit of over twenty years of experience in women’s health
  • Abundant experience in womb healing for many different issues
  • Guidance to help you maximise your own well-being
  • Resolving reproductive health issues
  • Devotion to women’s wellness – to your wellness
  • My commitment to working with you to achieve better health and well-being

I will always give you the best guidance I can. I will support you to the best of my ability and help you to reach the decisions that are the best for you. But I cannot do it for you, you need to be an active and willing participant in taking on the suggested practices and using the resources.

What will you need to do?

  • Dive deep and dedicate yourself to your own health and well-being
  • Be ready to put the the guidance given into practice
  • Make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to help bring about improvements in your health
  • Devote the time you need for self-healing
  • Learn to prioritise your own needs
  • Trust the process and put in as much effort as you can

What will you get?

  • Eight online guidance sessions, a total of at least 15 hours.
  • Email support between sessions
  • Any Mizan Botanicals products that I recommend to assist in your healing are included.

The Womb Wellness Self Help programme will be individually tailored to your personal needs: no two clients will have the same experience. The frequency of the treatments will vary and the content of the online guidance sessions will be different for each client. But expect detailed dietary advice, lifestyle recommendations, the best way to use castor oil packs according to your situation, the best time to be doing pelvic steaming in line with your health challenges, guided visualisations, check ins for support and adapting resources to your needs and ability.

The Mizan Botanicals included will depend upon your personal needs but an example would be a castor oil pack, prolapse care pack, steaming herbs, healing tinctures and herb teas. Everyone will receive a copy of my book, The Hormone Handbook for Women.

We will go at a pace that works for you, your body and your needs to create more harmony and energy. By our last session you will feel like a different woman!

This is a total immersive journey into your own health, learning to trust your instincts and intuition, transforming your physical, emotional and spiritual health. The end of this journey is self-knowledge, energy and freedom.

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