Men need Mizan too

Shabaaz Moghal specialises in treating men.

The extra blood and circulation that Mizan brings to the pelvic bowl is as beneficial for men as it is for women.


Depending on the cause, Mizan can help with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and impotency. It can help to improve the quantity and quality of sperm, particularly in conjunction with dietary and lifestyle changes and herbal support.


Because Mizan brings new, oxygen-rich blood to the pelvic bowl, it can help to prevent congestion, swelling and inflammation to the prostrate, bringing relief to benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatis, frequent urination.

Digestive problems

Digestive disorders can have a physical or emotional basis – often they go hand in hand and it’s impossible to say which came first. Many men are leading stressful lives with repercussions for the digestive system. Mizan can address this by treating the cause rather than mask the symptoms.

Mizan Practitioners use a deep massage on the upper abdomen to relax the diaphragm and tightened muscles around the stomach. This improves the blood supply to the whole digestive system, helping with digestion of food and speeding waste through the system to be eliminated easily.

Mizan may help with:

  • Indigestion
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation
  • IBS

Mizan techniques include a deep massage on the upper abdomen. Because stress is often held in the abdomen, Mizan relaxes and relieves the symptoms of stress.